2015 Annual SHED Residential ‘Developing the Developer’

Welcome to the 2015 annual SHED CPD residential titled ‘Developing the Developer’. The residential will be taking place on the 8th & 9th October 2015 at the University of Stirling, Stirling Court Hotel.

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Click the above image for move fantastic images of Stirling taken by Alison during her morning walk.

Educational developers and those who support and develop others in their learning and teaching have a vast and varied role often wearing many hats across an institution in support of learning and teaching. These roles can be anything from consultant to teacher, mentor to peer, manager to team member, role model to leader and so on. But where do we as developers of others develop the varied skills needed to fulfil the roles we undertake in order to achieve our goals and intentions?

One of SHED’s core purposes is to provide for a community of practice through regular networking and ongoing CPD opportunities. As such this year’s two day CPD residential aims to offer colleagues an opportunity to ‘Develop as a Developer’. The residential offers attendees the opportunity to:

  • reflect upon their role, beliefs and activities as educational and academic developers;
  • explore approaches to leadership, change and influence;
  • and to examine how these elements enhance our work.

The Agenda and Joining Instructions from the event can be found here.

Below are links to the Presentations and Workshop materials used over the two days.

Educational Developers: Who we are and what we do – This session focused on exploring the roles we have as developers, the beliefs we hold and the activities we undertake in supporting and enhancing learning and teaching within our own contexts.

Educational Developers: Leadership in Learning and Teaching? – This session explored the academic leadership role of developers and how we can work to enhance our approaches to leadership in order to have a positive impact. The session materials utilised were: Leadership in Learning and Teaching Presentation, Leadership Planning Tool.

Metaphors for Academic Development – this session explored how metaphors can be used to described, explore and unpack the various identities and activities academic developers undertake. The session drew heavily from one of the co-facilitators works available here.

The SHED Quiz – as part of the (some would argue enforced) social aspects of the residential we also held a quiz over dinner themed around famous fictional teachers. This can be found here, along with the answers here.

To give a perspective from one of the attendees of their experience of the event they have kindly shared an ever-note exploring the activities and workshop tasks. this can be found here.


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