Administrating, Promoting and Supporting Educational Development: Sharing Practice and Solutions

This event was hosted by SHED and colleagues at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh on the 4th of December 2015. The event was aimed at colleagues working in educational and academic developmetn teams with responsibility for administration and support of activities.


The full programme and rational for the event can be found here. The core purpose of the event was to allow participants to explore:

  • Ideas from other institutions on how they organise and administer their educational development activities, what works for them, and what they are struggling with
  • Practical examples of resources and approaches
  • Options for improving how we administer our work
  • A network of colleagues who might be a point of reference for future developments

The event utilised an open space method to promote discussion and conversations were captured by groups using flipchart paper. These are shown below (to enlarge place click on the image):