2014 Joint JISC SHED CPD Event: Open Education

JISC and SHED hosted a joint event exploring Open Education with colleagues across the sector. The following page has links to all presentations from the day and provides a summary of participants ‘takeaway’ ideas and plans.

Colleagues at GCU also provided a fantastic summary of the day on their GCU Blended Learning Blog  


Participants were then asked to share their thoughts and ideas following the day and what they would take back to their institution. The following shows that people wished to share.

  • Finding out more about all the OER initiatives mentioned today
  • Exploring “value” of badges
  • Badging process makes you look at assessment in general
  • Evidence/use of badges to demonstrate influence/encouragement
  • Using badges on own profiles/portfolios
  • Interested in possible use of badges in CPD related to the UK PSF in professional recognition
  • Challenging issues around ownership, sharing and time to explore
  • Implement peer view badge
  • Open badges to compliment the hear transcript
  • Developing shared resources in creative commons
  • Go away and reflect on today
  • Explore potential of open badges for CPD
  • Mirroring good practice in Open Education in CPD activities
  • Examine putting dissertations on JOURM
  • Make declaration 2.0 available to institutions
  • Look at OSCE’s on JORUM for use within the University
  • Recognition of CPD activities through badges
  • More information on how effective/valued badges are
  • Developing SHED shared resources/courses

What are your thoughts on Open Educational Resources? Leave us a comment below.


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