SHED 11th May 2017 Meeting, University of Stirling

Please note: that one of the people attending the event has a severe longstanding respiratory condition that means they can be vulnerable to environmental triggers. To ensure their safety it would be appreciated if you could avoid using perfumes and aftershaves on the day of the event. We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Sharing practice in the SHED – what are we doing to support learning and teaching in the digital environment

Our final CPD session of our digital focus this year is inspired by suggestions the SHED community gave at our last meeting in Edinburgh. We would therefore like to invite colleagues, ideally from each institution, to come along with a 3-4 minute case study that illustrates how academic developers are supporting academic colleagues teach in a digital environment. We hope to have enough contributions to enable a hands-on and interactive session where we will all get an opportunity to think about how we can further support our academic colleagues in this fast-changing context. This session will be facilitated by the SHED CPD Co-ordinators.

If you have something you would like to share, please could you let us know by 4th May at the very latest.

Outline Agenda

10:30am          Arrival
11:00am          Welcome
11:05am           CPD Session. Sharing practice in the SHED
12:30pm          Lunch – see note below*
1:30pm            Dialogue with Sector Agencies
2:00pm            IMG Meeting
3:30pm           Close of day

The meeting will start at 10:30am with an opening welcome at 11:00am and here is the draft agenda for the day, along with minutes of the previous meeting. Can you please email SHED Secretary Janis Davidson to confirm your attendance or to send in your apologies asap. Reports from External Sector Body Representatives will be made available in advance of the meeting and will be updated as they are received below:

  1. ALT update
  2. HEA update
  3. QAA & Enhancement Themes update
  4. Universities Scotland update
  5. SEDA update
  6. OEPS

Joining instructions

Our next SHED meeting will be held on the 11th May 2017 at the University of Stirling from 10.30-4.00. The meeting will take place in Room 2B129, Cottrell building, see campus map here. As those of you who have already visited Cottrell building know, it is a bit of a rabbit warren… we will put up some directions to the SHED meeting but to help guide you, Room 2B129 is on the ground floor and it is probably best to come into the building via either of the Cottrell car park entrances (on either side of the building under construction) where you will find you are already in B corridor. From there, turn right and just keep going until you get to B129.

Please note pay and display parking is in operation on campus and parking is extremely limited. We would encourage you to consider an alternative mode of transport to campus, including our excellent Uni Link bus service. Anyone travelling by car is advised to arrive well before 9am to ensure they find a space.  Here are details of travel options.

*Please note: Lunch is not provided and we will provide directions to local eateries. As always you are welcome to bring your own packed lunch


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