Event: Joint Webinar between Scottish Higher Education Developers (SHED) and our Canadian counterparts, the Educational Developers Caucus (EDC)

Date/Time: Monday 13th March, 4 – 5pm (UK time);

Registration: Please complete this form to receive joining instructions (this session is delivered online via Adobe Connect)

Title: “Supporting Blended and Online Education Across the Atlantic: Exploring Challenges and Opportunities in Embedding Effective Practice”

Description: Blended and Online Education (BOE) is part of our world. How is it shaping our practices and how might it, as we think about the development of staff and students’ learning? This webinar will present a picture from both sides of the Atlantic while recognizing that the landscape is diverse and varied as each institution has different priorities. Examples from both Canada and Scotland will form the basis of the discussion and will allow participants to compare and contrast the issues, challenges and opportunities of supporting instructors to use technology in the higher education classroom. The Webinar will be hosted by Prof. Keith Smyth and Gavan Watson

Presenter/Host Biographies

Keith Smyth is Professor of Pedagogy at the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI), Scotland, where he leads the Learning and Teaching Academy and works on strategic learning and teaching developments, funded projects and supporting staff to engage in educational research. Keith has a particular interest in technology-enhanced learning, and in a previous role developed and led a professionally accredited and award-winning MSc Blended and Online Education. Keith also developed the 3E Framework for technology-enhanced learning and teaching, which to date has been implemented by over 40 educational institutions across and beyond the UK. He can be found online at 3eeducation.org and on Twitter @smythrs.

Gavan Watson is currently the Associate Director, eLearning in Western University’s (London, Ontario, Canada) Teaching Support Centre (TSC). He and his team work to support instructors to thoughtfully incorporate learning technologies into their classrooms with the aim of improving student learning. He has been working in educational development for over 5 years, with a disciplinary background in Environmental Education. He has published work on incorporating technology in the classroom, supporting critical reflection in higher ed., institutional support for SoTL & the scope of graduate development programs in Canada. On the service side, he is also the Secretary for Canada’s Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, which aims to be the “pre-eminent national voice, and a world leader, for enhancing teaching and learning in higher education.” He has two Border Terriers and his Twitter handle is @gavatron.


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