Administrating, Promoting and Supporting Educational Development: Sharing Practice and Solutions


4th of December, Queen Margaret University

SHED is pleased to announce a new CPD event for colleagues who work in educational development units with responsibility for administering, promoting and supporting educational development activities, programmes and frameworks. This new event aims to bring together colleagues from across the sector to discuss how we can enhance our approach to administering and supporting educational development and sharing good practice.

As this event is targeted at colleagues with administrative roles in our team, who might not be on the SHED list, please can you circulate this email to spread the word to colleagues who you think would benefit from attending and support them to attend. We are hoping that at-least one person per institution would be able to come along to the event.

About the Event

Providing administrative support for academic and educational development units can be challenging. It involves effective planning and organisation, working with multiple audiences, the ability to keep a breadth of changes in our university and an awareness of the wider higher education context. These are complex challenges and each university context presents different organisational and administrative hurdles to overcome. However, many of our challenges are shared.

This practical one day workshop aims to support colleagues in sharing and benefiting from each other’s experience in administering educational development activities. The workshop aims to provide participants with:

  • Ideas from other institutions on how they organise and administer their educational development activities, what works for them, and what they are struggling with
  • Practical examples of resources and approaches
  • Options for improving how we administer our work
  • A network of colleagues who might be a point of reference for future developments


The event will be held on the 4th of December from 10:15am to 2:30pm at Queen Margaret University. To register for the event please visit the registration site: The workshop has a fee of £20 per delegate to cover room and catering costs and is non-profit making to ensure that participation is at the lowest possible price.

For more information please see the attached description and draft agenda or contact Matt Sanders at


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